Nutriscience Recipes

What we eat directly affect us

There is one thing that regardless of ideology, beliefs etc. we all agree, that is FOOD. We are entirely dependent on nutrients to grow, develop and maintain our body hence, health. As a nutritionist and far from being a qualified Chef, I decided to create this space, to share my own recipes, ideas, tips and facts about food, nutrition and health without compromising the sensation of pleasure that we get on each bite…

The recipes shared on this blog are mainly based on the Mediterranean Diet. Good evidence from independent studies have been consistently showing the health benefits of this diet in reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome related diseases/non communicable diseases (main examples: type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity), some neuro-degenerative diseases as well as an extremely effective plan for weight management, specially when coupled with regular physical activities.

The World Health Organization s (WHO) states that noncommunicable diseases kill 40 million people each year, this equates to a staggering 70% of all deaths globally. Sad reality however, YOU can help change this scenario.  Start yourself to make the changes that really matters to YOUR LIFE and reduce the chance of being part of this statistics!

Finally, I would like to reinforce that our understanding around human health has been achieved thanks to continuous research and the integration of many fields which has been essential at enabling us to unveil the complexity interaction between our organism and diet, as well as appreciating the impact of lifestyle, the environment, geographical position, emotional health, the socio-economical state and conditions of a population, all combined to influence every individual health. The content of this Blog is a compilation of my continuous academic, professional and personal experiences as well as the professional work of beloved friends and professionals that have been essential for the development of the contents published here. I hope you benefit from the articles shared here!

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